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ReNEW Partners is building a new and innovative future for family businesses while preserving tradition, serving communities, and taking care of employees

We Invest in Great Family Owned Businesses That Care What Happens Next

Our mission is to provide the future your company deserves.  We understand it's not easy to sell the business you've built.  ReNEW Partners can help you to preserve your family's legacy and expand opportunities for your business and employees.

Who We Are

A Family of enduring businesses working together to provide next-gen services to the industries you've tirelessly served in the past.

A Team with a proven track record of successfully scaling and growing businesses for the long term.

A Partner that takes a long term view on your business to ensure its success from this generation to the next.

A Future for your company and employees that emphasizes opportunities for growth and promotion.

How We're Different

We aren't your typical private equity or search fund.  We use our operational know-how to build businesses for the long term.

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  1. Local network of families and individual investors that believe local businesses are vital to the success of the American Economy

  2. Focused on the business' long-term growth opportunity by investing in the employees who have made it successful thus far

  3. Preserve the legacy and brand of family-owned businesses

  4. Flexible terms and deal structures allowing sellers to realize both immediate gains and future upside

Financial Buyer

Ex. Private Equity, Search Fund

  1. Backed by large institutional investors looking to maximize profit with little regard for the communities impacted

  2. Strategy focused on taking costs out of the business and selling it as soon as a higher price is offered by a new buyer

  3. Integrate company into a larger platform that often eliminates legacy

  4. Immediate exit of the management team and limited focus on providing future upside to employees

Things You Should Know

We challenge the status quo.

What is ReNEW looking for in a partner?  We look for profitable businesses with great culture and proven track records in the markets they serve.  We partner with businesses that are committed to excellence and excited for the new challenges and growth opportunities ahead.

How does ReNEW value my business?  We are committed to doing transactions at fair market multiples that take into account historical performance, market position, and future growth potential.

How does ReNEW improve my business?  We bring operating and financial resources that unite our community of small businesses and give them the support to better serve their end customers.  We believe there is great value in businesses built on strong reputations, expertise, and local community relationships.  Our strategy is to invest in your business to make sure that success continues.

What happens to my employees?  Employees are the backbone of your organization and the most valuable asset we gain in our partnership.  We support them with resources and professional growth opportunities.

How long does the process take?  Following the initial information request, we can provide you our thoughts on a potential transaction in one to two weeks.  The entire process from offer to close typically takes 60 to 90 days.

Our Investment Focus

We aren't your typical private equity or search fund.  We use our operational know-how to build businesses for the long term.

  • Sales of $5 million or greater

  • Positive EBITDA

  • Positive and stable cash flow


  • Industrial and business services

  • Strong market position


  • Family-owned businesses

  • Closely held private businesses

Desired Scenarios

  • Southeast and Midwest United States


Interested in Having a Conversation?

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